Business Solutions

Hiring a full IT department (even one person) can be a costly annual expense to a new or small business. Let CCS be your IT department only when you need IT.

Hardware Sourcing

Do you feel lost when it comes to picking out the right computer? Or maybe the right tablet? How about mobile phones or desk phones? Which mouse is the right one for me?

Hardware decisions can be stressful when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your use case. Let CCS help you find the best equipment and accessories for your unique business.

Hardware Setup

Does the thought of tangled up cables tie your head in knots? Let CCS install and configure all your hardware. Let CCS do the heavy lifting for you.

Hardware Management

You are investing your hard-earned dollars into hardware to run your business. Let CCS help protect your investment by managing all your computer and telecom equipment.

Application Management

Applications are key to running a successful business. Let CCS manage your cloud-based productivity applications while you do what you do best… run your business!